Healthy, Wealthy and Wise:
The Dr. Joy Workplace Wellness Program
“Your health is your wealth. Healthy employees make a wealthy company.”

--Dr. Joy Ohayia

About Corporate Wellness Programs:

Annual health care spending in the United States has soared to $2.8 trillion -- or $8,915 per person -- according to recent figures from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In response to rising insurance premiums and employee medical claims caused by the rise of chronic diseases, many business leaders are turning to corporate health initiatives. A recent Harvard University study indicates that workplace wellness programs significantly reduce costs affiliated with medical expenditures and daily absenteeism.

About The Dr. Joy Workplace Wellness Program:

Preventable wellness involves the implementation of healthy lifestyle and behavior habits. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but through a conscious mental, emotional and social commitment. The Dr. Joy Workplace Wellness Program addresses all three factors through customized programming including:

  • health fairs
  • health education
  • health coaching
  • weight management programs
  • wellness newsletters
  • reward-based fitness programs

Fortune 500 companies and private clients alike have benefited from Dr. Joy’s proven strategies for success.

The Dr. Joy Workplace Wellness Program and Your Business:

Successful corporate wellness programs involve complex and collaborative strategies, not simplified, one-size-fits-all solutions. From team assembly and goal setting to employee surveys, risk assessments and biometric screenings to effective communication, incentives and creation of a comprehensive wellness culture, the Dr. Joy Workplace Wellness Program is tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and its employees.

Corporate Testimonials

“Informative, great personality.”

“As a way to promote workplace wellness, Dr. Joy came to our main campus on October 7, 2011 and conducted a 1 hour session on ‘Get Healthy: How to feel your best’ with our salaried employees. The session was very informative and also very interactive. I was happy to see lots of questions being asked from our employees. She put together an excellent slide presentation and had handouts to coincide with her material. The feedback from the salaried employees has been very positive and people are already asking when the next session will be.

Overall, Dr. Joy is a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and overall health promotion. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Joy to assist companies with the promotion of workplace wellness.”

-A.D. (Merrill Lynch – HR/Benefits)

“The lunch and learns held at our location were received very well – great visuals & examples and the hour was packed with practical information. Nothing but positive feedback was received. I took with me a lot of nutritional knowledge and have committed myself to a diet with less sugar, less sodium, and more fiber! Her sample meal plans easy to understand and prepare inspiring employees to “lean in to” eating properly.

I personally enjoy coordinating work activities with Dr. Joy – she is very responsive and delivers herself very professionally.”
-A.W. (AT&T HR)

“Dr. Joy offers a comprehensive wellness program – fun and engaging.  Our New Jersey employees were motivated to “take charge” of their health!  A lot of great knowledge delivered passionately.  She walks the talk! “

- C.S. (Prudential – HR)

“Very informative, interesting, well presented, enthusiastic.   Learned some new nutrition tips. Really enjoyed the nutritional information session.”

- G. G (AXA NY-HR)

“Informative and knowledgeable – confident. It wasn’t at a level that was too hard to understand.” 

“Awesome mental wellness presentation- as many employees are experiencing Stress.  Dr. Joy shared her Stress Less Tips.  She offered personal coaching sessions as well – I am going to call her for additional advice!”

- C.C (AT&T NJ Employee)

“We asked Dr. Joy to speak one on one with our staff regarding their health concerns. Several years prior, I was a member of her health club and participated in an incentive weight loss competition.  Although I did not win the contest at the club, I WON because of the advice Joy shared with her members – practical and easy to apply at home, which I still use today. We contracted with Dr. Joy to develop and implement an incentive weight loss contest with our employees.  We had over 200 employees actively participate – it was a success as Dr. Joy provided MOTIVATION to our employees to achieve their health goals.  We continued our wellness journey with Dr. Joy by hosting a series of lunch and learns. Due to the numerous requests from employees to continue to offer the sessions we decided to have a nutritionist on site twice a month. Employees were able to have one-on-one sessions and learn what nutritional needs were appropriate for their body type, age, lifestyle, medical needs...Employees loved the sessions and the individual attention to their unique needs.  We will partner with Dr. Joy later in the year to give her 4 week Holistic Nutrition Seminar – Consume the Right Foods and Increase Your Energy to our employees.”

- G.E (Brookdale Community College – Student Medical Services – Director and Head Nurse)

We LOVE the classes. I know of two staff that has lost a combined 55 lbs. Most staff have attempted to cut out cola and we are all very aware of our sugar and carb intake. I think very few of us are aware of the havoc that sugar plays in our bodies.  Thank you – Dr. Joy for providing such excellent information for my staff! I am sure it has made a positive impact in their lives.

- C.O (AXA – Employee)

Dr. Joy, conducted a breakout session during 2008 Women’s Empowerment Conference. Due to the very positive remarks received, we invited Dr. Joy to present a keynote lunch presentation during the recent 2010 conference. Dr. Joy presented an informative, enlightening and entertaining custom presentation on "A Stable Mind Is The Key To Total Wellness." She used examples that resonated with all attendees. Evaluations included comments such as:

  • Provided information I can use in my life
  • Really enjoyed this session!
  • She's very good!
  • She was an excellent speaker!

-D. J (Radio One – North Carolina Conference Director

“Last year at this time…I didn’t feel very well. Thanks to the Health and Wellness Programs offered by Dr. Joy, I found the help that I needed. After attending one of the classes, How to Increase Your Energy, I had a consultation with Dr. Joy and we decided that I had a problem with gluten. Since September of 2010 I have lost 39 pounds and lots of inches. I now eat gluten free, I have so much more energy and I sleep like it’s heaven.

 The private consultation gave me new and fresh insight into healthy recipes and snacks. I became aware of vitamins and/minerals plan that is designed for my specific needs.

After hearing Dr. Joy speak on good fats and balanced nutrition, I decided to enroll in her 4 week Holistic Nutrition Seminar.  I lost 25 pounds in 6 months, have more energy, and am sleeping better. Getting rid of excess sugar and eating the right amount of good fats makes me feel satisfied, and I no longer have any cravings. This is definitely the way I will eat from now on!

- B.L. (Bookdale Community College – Staff Member)

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Disclaimer for the Healthy Choices – Food choices may vary due to individual responses. It is recommended you avoid foods that may cause you to have an allergic reaction.
Health Disclaimer - QuantumQuest LLC dba Dr. Joy will not be held responsible for client injuries, allergies, and all dietary problems sustained due to consumption of food and/or supplements included in this plan. Medical clearance from your physician is recommended prior to embarking on a physical fitness routine.