Dr. Joy Ohayia, PhD, author of "Don't Let "IT" Get You! An Empowering Health and Fitness Guide for Women", would be an incredibly motivating guest for any audience.
Extremely passionate about health and wellness in all aspects of her life, Dr. Joy strives to bring that same enthusiasm to others through her unique coaching approach, which provides comprehensive programs for private, corporate, and even virtual clients.
She also has a “virtual approach” which offers as the first step, a free health assessment to anyone of any age and anywhere around the world! It’s a quick online survey that asks a series of questions about ones current nutrition, physical activity, and psychological health. By simply filling it out and providing an email address, Dr. Joy will send the tools to set up an appointment with her to begin a personalized program to help individuals attain a state of mind, body, and physical well-being which is the essence to overall happiness.
Dr. Joy is a certified member of the American Fitness Professionals Association and works in the areas of weight management consulting, personal training, and nutrition and wellness consulting.   She teaches men and women how to break through obstacles and get rid of people who hinder them from health and happiness.  She also encourages physical and emotional health and her goal is to inspire women to take care of themselves first despite their busy schedules.

You can always find Dr. Joy on

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