Personal Bio: Dr. Joy Ohayia, PhD, Total Wellness Practical Advisor

Dr. Joy Ohayia’s success draws on years of experience in the fields of nutrition, personal training, and overall health and wellness. As producer and host of, “The Dr. Joy Show – Your Prescription for Total Wellness,” she offers practical advice and meaningful insights to viewers as they aspire toward comprehensive wellness. Additionally, Dr. Joy Ohayia has created a roster of wellness products, including Dr. Joy’s Daily Veggies dietary supplement, designed to help users get their daily recommended servings of vegetables, as well as the DVD, “Your Prescription for Total Wellness,” which delivers a complete wellness regimen focused on nutrition, mental and physical health -- in under 30 minutes!

She is the author of, “Don't Let "IT" Get You!: An Empowering Health and Fitness Guide for Women.” This comprehensive resource is dedicated to helping readers overcome obstacles to health and happiness. She is also featured in “Blueprint for Success - Proven Strategies For Success and Survival,” alongside Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard.

A highly sought after motivational speaker and author, Dr. Joy has provided wellness advice to audiences globally through speaking engagements and various media outlets. She has leveraged her extensive academic and professional experience to develop a universal prescription for optimal health. With a focus on “The Seven Elements of Total Wellness,” comprising physical, nutritional, social, environmental, financial, spiritual, and emotional/mental aspects, she inspires and empowers people looking to gain control over their wellbeing. Today, Dr. Joy shares her passion, wisdom and proven strategies for success with a growing roster of corporate and virtual clients.

Dr. Joy is actively involved within her local community, and serves as a Board Trustee for the New Jersey chapter of CASA, a children’s advocacy group. Dr. Joy was awarded the Women In Business – Mentor of The Year Award by Greater Media New Jersey Magic 98.3 FM for her leadership efforts in 2012 and Proclamation of Honor for the State of New Jersey in 2010. She resides in New Jersey with her husband and their two sons.

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